Above: Kaisla cottage
LomaLeivo rental Cottages


Welcome to our modern and fully equipped rental cottages located in
Leivonmäki national park! Did you know that Finland has been rated as Lonely Planet's top 10 places to be on 2017?


Leivonmäki national park is like compact-sized Finnish Lappland with beautiful nature, excellent beaches and wonderful hiking trails of different lengths. Except, you don’t have to drive all day! Especially if you’re travelling with kids, you may want to visit us. Leivonmäki national park is right in the centre of Finland and only a 3-hour drive away from Helsinki airport. Our scandinavian style cottages are child-friendly and surrounded by the staggering nature. 


Did you know that our cottages have been named after Finnish plants you
can find outside them?


If you’re staying in Kielo, try to look for lilies of the valley. Outside Kissankello
you may find harebells and right next to Kaisla there sure will be some bulrushes!


We want to offer you as environmentally friendly holiday as we can - without bargaining the luxuries. Heating power is generated on our own farm using woodchips and of course our electricity is green that is generated using water energy. We also want to be green on our other choices: we try to buy as locally as we can and favour near produced groceries and services.